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You've reached the official New Mexico Local 492 Teamsters Hiring site for Film Industry Teamsters who reside and work in the State of New Mexico. This site is designed to help Transportation Coordinators/Captains find available local Teamsters who meet their qualifications for work. This site follows the rules of the grouping system and allows Members of the 492 to review and update their profiles and availability for work within the industry.

This site is for authorized Local 492 Teamsters and Coordinators/Captains to utilize for hiring purposes only!

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Transportation Coordinators/Captains:

Please proceed to the login area of the site by clicking "I Agree to Site Terms" above. If you have not been given a login ID and password, please contact the 492 Film Department to receive your Login and Password.

New Mexico Local 492 Film Department Phone: 505-344-1925 ext 14

Teamster Responsibility:

1. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU UPDATE YOUR PROFILES AND AVAILABILITY DAILY IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR WORK AND ARE AVAILABLE. Do not make yourself available if you cannot accept work for any reason. If you are not receiving the daily email reminders, you must use this site to show yourself as available. It is your responsibility to log in and make yourself available.


3. Transportation Coordinators can now search by Group, CDL Class, Endorsements and availability. Until you submit the most recent version of your CDL, DOT Medical Card, and MVR to the Union, we cannot update your profile.

General Site Information:

Access to this web site is restricted to authorized Teamsters, Transportation Coordinators, and Administrators, with current authorization and official login credentials as provided by the Teamster Local 492 Film Department. This web site is for official Teamster Film Production hiring purposes ONLY. For more information, contact the 492 Film Department. Anyone found to be improperly distributing information from this site, may lose their rights to access the site at the discretion of Teamsters Local 492 Film Department.